Tuesday, 9 September 2014

New member of our family!

      During the summer we had a lot  of work to do creating our summer camp "Happening". So we had some changes in our life but had no time to write here and tell you.
       In April  one of us , Elitsa,  decided to go other way  and not to continue  with us and with the project....you can say of course unforetunatelly , but!  Nothing happens without reasons  and  ( as we say in Russia ) " all for the best".  In 2  months after this  we got new person in our house and it was our  beloved bulgarian volunteer Georgy Kolev!
       Very soon  he became the member of our small family because he is a very open and friendly person, but we had to be careful with him  as he is very  curious and  soon he knew all our secrets=)
         We helped each other a lot when we had our camp  and now we are always  together and can not imagin our living here without Zhora !

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  1. Welcome then Georgi! Just be careful with the S.W.F., this is, the "Sicilian Way of Life".

    Greetings from Toronto!!!