Monday, 22 September 2014

Ciao a tutti, We are all most in the end of September... the time goes  so fast here in Sicily, after our summer camp it was a bit difficult to return in the real life and  to go to the office every day, now we are working on our French and Russian lessons for children from 8 to 10 years old, we will start the  registration on  the 1st of October and close it on  the 3rd of the same month. It will be our the last important work here in Campobello di Licata then  we all will go back in France for me and Elise and in Russia for Maria :-( Only Georgi has to stay a bit more because he will go back home in December. I am not very  impatient to be in November and leave people and friends here but unfortunatly I have to... Oh and I forgot also ! We will travel  the last time  in October:  first we will visit Milan and see some other friends - volunteers like us, whom we have met during our first EVS training and after  that  let's go! to Malta for the last time together, while we are being here in Campobello. Sorry if I didn't give a lot of news on this blog during all the period of the project but I prefered to be concentrated on it. Now we have a bit more time so it's a pleasur for me to share a bit our experience with you. Un grande abbraccio, a presto !


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