Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hello everybody !
 Finally  I write here , by the way my name is Maria Rodionova  and I  represent here the Russian part of our group :)
 Sorry  for not writing here, but I came to  Campobello di Licata  the last and had a lot to do to catch up the others .
 Well... I start with the beginning and tell you how I found this project and  why I decided to be an Evs volunteer:
I finished the linguistic university  in my city and soon after it successfully. Found the job in the plant as a project manager and got good experience, but I began to ask myself if its  the only that I am going to do in my life? Then I got also some problems with my boss in the work and got a little depression, one of my friends told my to try something like Evs  to change the  angle of the life.  I came to our Evs organization  "Sfera", but it was already spring and I was told that I am practically late  and there is a   small  chance to find something good.
 But  I believe in destiny ( in a good way )  and I think when it's something yours it goes to you without  many problems - I soon got  the answer from Archeoclub KALAT and I am here!!! A week already !!!  Of course I had a lot of difficulties to come here ( visa for example ) but  they all could be solved . By the way  for Russians who is reading these - I will public soon  my Russian blog where I tell you the visa things.
         So this week was long  and we had a lot to things to do, to see and to learn.
My colleagues already wrote a bit about it, so I tell you  about the beautiful place in  Campobello   :  
  " Divine comedy garden " - its a big garden or a park  with monuments painted by  Silvio Benedetto the Argentinian painter  who  devoted it to the great  literature creation " Divine Comedy " by Dante . You really have to visit it!!!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Prossima tappa

Ciao !
Now, everybody is there, we can start the italian lessons.... I am so impatient to speak fluently italian ;)
In the next weeks, we have to do also some presentations about Sicily : food, nature, art, traditions, history...... (and organize some travels for our "vacation" of course!!!).
After,  helping with the new museum and start to manage and promote the Summer Camp "Happening" ! Bel programa !!

Oh oh, there, all the 2014 Kalat team :

Non sono sicuro forse noi siamo a Marseille, a Istanbul, o a Casablanca, tutti questi sono qui!
We combined our forces, after Maria arrived last night, now it's four of us here. Bene!
I can not wait to start the work at the art center we are going to build and I can not wait to see the sea!
This Saturday there will be an open market place in town with all that can be sold. Sounds nice.
And Maria brought us russian presents. Regali! I got a sweet tiger-riss from the Olympic Games in Sochi! R-r-r-r! 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Hello to the world,

I arrvied in Campobello last night, tired after spending the whole day at the airports. (Can not complain, as Maria is arriving tonight after three connection flights, poor girl.) But after being picked up from the bus station from Elise, Anthony, Willy and Federico, those guys dancing and singing a song of Tarkan in the car to our way home, that all made my mood up again, and I was ready for the following wine/beer/welcome bar, after which we came home. Our apartment, as a place above the colorful school bellow, is big enough, with three bedrooms, fine kitchen and what I found out this morning when I woke up - beautiful view. Thank you Elise for sharing the picture.

Before going to bed my first night yesterday I thought to my self "What am I doing here?" , being away from home and my loved people. Today after a walk around the small streets, old Fiats Cinquantacento, older than the Fiats Balconies of the typical sicilian buildings, Orange and Lemon trees all around and nice backery with warm bread, as also the so important for me organic fruits and vegetables all around, I think it's worht it. I can not wait to start talking more Italian, for the moment I am very good with using my hands like a genuine Italiana. And missing the comfort of being home, I know my beloved ones will wait for me and share my experience here.
We had good lunch and coffee at noon and in a little while we are going to Kalat to explore more of the work we are going to do this summer. The building is nice, with a theater and big outside therasse.

P.S. It's so warm here! You can go around only with shirt and pulover and sunglasses are recomended! And I got my first italian book yesterday at the airport :)

Buonaserata e a domani!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Hello !

Hello everybody I just want to say you , I'm very Happy to be here !!! =)

First day in Campobello

Hie volunteers and people!!
Finally, we are arrived in Campobello di Licata !! The first impressions are good : pretty village, nice people of Archeoclub and a beautiful blue sky :) We are waiting for the next step.......
And this is the view from our home :