Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hello everybody !
 Finally  I write here , by the way my name is Maria Rodionova  and I  represent here the Russian part of our group :)
 Sorry  for not writing here, but I came to  Campobello di Licata  the last and had a lot to do to catch up the others .
 Well... I start with the beginning and tell you how I found this project and  why I decided to be an Evs volunteer:
I finished the linguistic university  in my city and soon after it successfully. Found the job in the plant as a project manager and got good experience, but I began to ask myself if its  the only that I am going to do in my life? Then I got also some problems with my boss in the work and got a little depression, one of my friends told my to try something like Evs  to change the  angle of the life.  I came to our Evs organization  "Sfera", but it was already spring and I was told that I am practically late  and there is a   small  chance to find something good.
 But  I believe in destiny ( in a good way )  and I think when it's something yours it goes to you without  many problems - I soon got  the answer from Archeoclub KALAT and I am here!!! A week already !!!  Of course I had a lot of difficulties to come here ( visa for example ) but  they all could be solved . By the way  for Russians who is reading these - I will public soon  my Russian blog where I tell you the visa things.
         So this week was long  and we had a lot to things to do, to see and to learn.
My colleagues already wrote a bit about it, so I tell you  about the beautiful place in  Campobello   :  
  " Divine comedy garden " - its a big garden or a park  with monuments painted by  Silvio Benedetto the Argentinian painter  who  devoted it to the great  literature creation " Divine Comedy " by Dante . You really have to visit it!!!

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