Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Hello to the world,

I arrvied in Campobello last night, tired after spending the whole day at the airports. (Can not complain, as Maria is arriving tonight after three connection flights, poor girl.) But after being picked up from the bus station from Elise, Anthony, Willy and Federico, those guys dancing and singing a song of Tarkan in the car to our way home, that all made my mood up again, and I was ready for the following wine/beer/welcome bar, after which we came home. Our apartment, as a place above the colorful school bellow, is big enough, with three bedrooms, fine kitchen and what I found out this morning when I woke up - beautiful view. Thank you Elise for sharing the picture.

Before going to bed my first night yesterday I thought to my self "What am I doing here?" , being away from home and my loved people. Today after a walk around the small streets, old Fiats Cinquantacento, older than the Fiats Balconies of the typical sicilian buildings, Orange and Lemon trees all around and nice backery with warm bread, as also the so important for me organic fruits and vegetables all around, I think it's worht it. I can not wait to start talking more Italian, for the moment I am very good with using my hands like a genuine Italiana. And missing the comfort of being home, I know my beloved ones will wait for me and share my experience here.
We had good lunch and coffee at noon and in a little while we are going to Kalat to explore more of the work we are going to do this summer. The building is nice, with a theater and big outside therasse.

P.S. It's so warm here! You can go around only with shirt and pulover and sunglasses are recomended! And I got my first italian book yesterday at the airport :)

Buonaserata e a domani!

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