Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Ciao !
So now we are at home, our project is finished and we are ready to start new step in our life !
It was really a great year , not easy , but full of new experience and emotions .
I will not write a lot describing my emotions and our activity because u can find this information below, but u will just say that everyone has to take part in such kind of experience , now I can put a lot of useful things in my cv , language for example ! And of course Sicily and Campobello di Licata are special places ! You need to see this island , to take part or in Evs!
Have good luck!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Exhibition about EVS..... e ultimi momenti in Sicilia

The 3th and 4th november, after 2 last weeks intense full of work and emotions, we realized our exhibition in Campobello di Licata (and Ravanusa) with 8 big panels about our project with Archeoclub, about the programm EVS and a presention of our 3 countries :)
It was stressful to speak (in italian!) in front of a lot of highschool students and local TV, but we did it and we have been very proud of ourselves I think!! A good way to finish our siclian adventure :)

Monday, 22 September 2014

Ciao a tutti, We are all most in the end of September... the time goes  so fast here in Sicily, after our summer camp it was a bit difficult to return in the real life and  to go to the office every day, now we are working on our French and Russian lessons for children from 8 to 10 years old, we will start the  registration on  the 1st of October and close it on  the 3rd of the same month. It will be our the last important work here in Campobello di Licata then  we all will go back in France for me and Elise and in Russia for Maria :-( Only Georgi has to stay a bit more because he will go back home in December. I am not very  impatient to be in November and leave people and friends here but unfortunatly I have to... Oh and I forgot also ! We will travel  the last time  in October:  first we will visit Milan and see some other friends - volunteers like us, whom we have met during our first EVS training and after  that  let's go! to Malta for the last time together, while we are being here in Campobello. Sorry if I didn't give a lot of news on this blog during all the period of the project but I prefered to be concentrated on it. Now we have a bit more time so it's a pleasur for me to share a bit our experience with you. Un grande abbraccio, a presto !


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

New member of our family!

      During the summer we had a lot  of work to do creating our summer camp "Happening". So we had some changes in our life but had no time to write here and tell you.
       In April  one of us , Elitsa,  decided to go other way  and not to continue  with us and with the project....you can say of course unforetunatelly , but!  Nothing happens without reasons  and  ( as we say in Russia ) " all for the best".  In 2  months after this  we got new person in our house and it was our  beloved bulgarian volunteer Georgy Kolev!
       Very soon  he became the member of our small family because he is a very open and friendly person, but we had to be careful with him  as he is very  curious and  soon he knew all our secrets=)
         We helped each other a lot when we had our camp  and now we are always  together and can not imagin our living here without Zhora !

Friday, 29 August 2014

HAPPENING 2014.............

After some vacation, it's finally time to write something ! This summer was crazy..
So I am trying to do a summary of our archeological summer camp in July: nice participants (too much French...), energizer games, fast drivers, ice creams, contest photos, visits of the beautiful Sicily, wine, rhum, "sei un drago", ceramics and "tegola", spines, beach, pasta alla norma, pizza, tiredness, Nérée's pipe, "Bella zio"..... Good memories :))

In August : travels with friends in Sicily..............Soo hot but amazing landscapes !!!

See you soon !

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Volunteers in SICILY..... happy !

Ciao ragazzi,

just to say hello and everything is ok here !! We have the sun, friends and soon the second EVS formation in Rimini. We continue to travel... I saw for example Palermo, Trapani, Erice, Catania, Agrigento, Licata, Enna, Caltagirone.... Bella la SICILIA !!!
For the "work" : we are organising the archeological Summer camps HAPPENING in Campobello in July, and we speak very good italian now ;)
But we are only 3 volunteers... Elitza came back in Bulgaria, the end of the adventure for her, we don't understand but it is her choice....

See you / A presto

Monday, 3 March 2014

COAT Training in Roma...

We are back in Sicily, after a good week, close to Rome, with 35 others volunteers from Italy..... Very interesting training about the voluntary and beautiful meetings ;) We spoke english, french, italian, spanish.....
Un "aperçu" du groupe à Rome !